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Sep 29, 2011

Fridge/Freezer Tour

Well, today has mostly been devoted to preparing for my friend's going away party. Not very many people showed, so I have way too much food leftover. Rawr. She did enjoy the surprise and thought it was sweet though. Made all my hard work feel a little less nutsy. However, my lack of sleep this week and all the crazy prep threw me behind in homework. Blah. So much to do. It also doesn't help that I have two extra things to add in to my crazy Thursday schedule. I get to talk about my time in Scotland and then get dinner with my friend. Fun stuff, but it still keeps me busy. Anyway... I decided that I'd go ahead and give a little picture tour of my freezer/fridge. I might take some pics of what is in my cubbies, but I haven't decided. Anyway... here's a peek into my fridge/freezer. :P
Lunch meat, cheese, leftover soup, and bread

English muffins!
All the important stuff, haha

Apples, water, pulled pork, and margarine for cooking

Tomatoes that are now in my fridge

Well, I hope that was a bit enlightening. Haha. I don't know if my fridge is "typical" but it definitely is a college students' fridge! As always...

Bon app├ętit!

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