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Oct 31, 2011

Pesto on Pasta

Happy Halloween everyone and happy Monday! Today's been an enlightening day. I feel quite empowered after attending entrepreneurship and want to follow my dreams even more than I had before. It is my ultimate dream to own my own bakery and perhaps have my own twist on what is baking/cooking... and I really want to change people's perceptions of it. It's a big dream, but it can become reality. I just have to plan and re-plan, and plan some more. Hehe. Yay for innovative and creative thinking. Another cool thing today was that History class got out early and both my RA and my professor gave us candy. Woohoo! Overall, not a bad Halloween in my book.

Alright... you know how way long ago I said that store bought pesto isn't that great on pasta. Well, I tried homemade pesto on pasta. I'll admit, it is a bit better, but I am still not much of a fan. I added some Parmesan cheese and tomato so that it was bearable. I guess I am just not a person for pesto on my pasta. If you like that sort of thing, well that's up to you. I'll stick with mini pesto pizzas or pesto chicken and stuff. I just can't seem to enjoy plain pesto on my pasta. :( 

So, since today was another one of those ho-hum sort of food days, I have pics of my pasta and of my Halloween toe socks for your enjoyment. 

Look, my toes are smiling! xD

This was before I added the tomato. 

Well, once again, Happy Halloween! I hope you all found some delicious things to eat! As always...

Bon app├ętit! 

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