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Dec 2, 2011

Frozen grapes: a different sort of snack

This week has been the week of insanity. I am not kidding! It doesn't help that on top of all of my crazy school assignments and group projects that I have a nasty cold as well. I'm slowly improving, but my nose is still just obnoxious. On top of this, I have had insomnia and way too many late nights the past couple days. Made this week miserable. Thankfully I don't have any homework due Friday, so I have had the opportunity to take a long nap and just relax. I know that relaxation and sleep are vital to me feeling better. This weekend will be a bit nutty with assignments and pep band, but it won't be nearly as bad as this week. To be honest, today (Thursday) was the worst day of the week. I had two group papers due and a group presentation. I am crossing my fingers that the professors grade us on our efforts and be merciful. I can always hope, right?

A funny moment happened because at 4:30 am I went to take my shower and someone was doing laundry. Oh college... I am glad that tonight has been pretty quiet because my next door neighbor seems to like having her music so loud that it bleeds through the wall and she tends to have really loud friends over really late. At 4 am I could still hear her and her crew. It's a good thing I was up anyway or I would have had to go over there and say something. But yea, I just found it funny that someone was doing laundry at that time. My cut off time for laundry is 12:30 am. Guess others don't have the same view. I hope I feel decent enough to go to lunch with my friends on Friday, but on the other hand, I don't want to spread my germs. Maybe I will just wake up late and go to class. Hmm.

As usual, since I went home, I cooked a few things so that I could bring leftover food to campus. I have been eating leftovers left and right since I have been so crazed with school work and sickness. I am just so happy that I have those leftovers right now. I am slowly going through some recipes and trying more out, so look forward to that. :) The recipe for today is something that I found on pinterest and I thought it sounded interesting. To be honest, I can't exactly explain how frozen grapes taste, because it differs from the grape-y taste you normally get. If you have sensitive teeth, this might not be the dish for you. I think these could definitely work better in the summer, but I wanted to try them out, so I did it anyway. Since the grapes are frozen yet still chewable, they could potentially give drinks an edible ice cube. Just something to think about. The process is really easy, which makes this something simple to provide variety in your snacks and put a new twist on eating grapes.

Frozen grapes (inspiration from Big Red Kitchen)


  • Red Grapes (whatever amount you have should be fine) **Do not use green grapes! They freeze solid apparently!**
  • small baking tray with a lip
  • plastic bag(s)
  • paper towels/towel
  1. Take your grapes and rinse them really well. 
  2. Pat them dry on some paper towels or a towel. 
  3. Place on the baking tray and pop into the freezer for 45 minutes.
  4. Transfer the grapes from the tray into the bags. Put back in the freezer.
  5. Serve when still cold. How frozen they are when served is up to you!
  6. Enjoy!

Some favorite add-ons, of others who have made these grapes, include powdered sugar and jello powder. I haven't personally rolled my frozen grapes in powdered sugar or jello powder, but I have eaten them with vanilla yogurt. I found the experience enjoyable. It was odd to eat a frozen grape and I still haven't quite decided whether I would make them again, but I am glad that I tried them! I hope that you will explore your adventurous side and try out these frozen grapes! However, only use red grapes! Let me know how it goes and as always...

Bon app├ętit! 

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