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Nov 20, 2011

Salad on Sunday

This weekend hasn't been as productive as it should have been. Oh well. It will come back to bite me later, but I really needed some time off of crazy life. We had the band banquet today and I got a pretty plaque. Something else to dust, haha. I am so looking forward to Tuesday at 4:25 pm, when I can go home! I have already thought about what I want to bring. Mainly bread and desserts to be honest. Most other stuff tends to be brought by everyone else anyway. Hmm, but yea. This weekend has been a weekend of sleep, late nights, and laziness. The next iron chef is on at 9! Woo! Gotta turn on the tv right now so that I don't miss anything lol.

Today's recipe is another salad. I love salad and the dressing served with this salad has a bit of a kick. It slightly burns my tongue, but then again I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food. I hope you all try this variation on a simple salad!

Santa Fe Salad


  • lettuce of your choice
  • corn
  • black beans/kidney beans
  • tomatoes (grape or regular work just fine)
  • grated cheese
  • grilled chicken strips (you can use this marinade recipe), optional
  • Santa Fe salad dressing (this recipe or this recipe) or store bought works
  1. Combine the lettuce with the tomatoes, corn, and beans. You can use as much lettuce, tomato, corn, and beans as you would like.
  2. Garnish the salad with the grilled chicken strips and some grated cheese. 
  3. Lastly, drizzle on the dressing of your choice.
  4. Grab a fork and enjoy!
You don't have to use that specific marinade for the chicken, and the dressing could always be something pre-made. It's simple and delicious, yet filling as well. Hope you like it!

As always...
Bon app├ętit! 

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