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Feb 19, 2012

Trying new things

Alrighty, so this weekend there was a basketball game for our (soon to be retired) college president. I played in the pep band for that game and the women's basketball game before it. It was about 2.5 hours of playing, but we got free pizza and water! Mmmm. Free food always rocks. Nothing else monumental happened this weekend. My sister texted me and asked me what Girl scout cookies I wanted, so those will be sent soon, woohoo!

The blog for today is a bit different from my normal blog. I will be looking at a product today and discussing it instead of a recipe. I actually tried three different products by Morningstar. These products are all vegetarian and I had a coupon for them. Target.com was where I got the coupon if you are interested.

I have pictured the burgers, but I tried their corn dogs, sausages, and the burgers. I have to warn you, these don't taste "meaty" like the real thing. However, I didn't think they were awful either. Out of the three, I'd say the corn dogs were my favorite!

The sausage links would be a close second and the burgers would fall into 3rd place. I appreciated them being vegetarian because they had less calories and fat, but I thought the texture and taste of the burger was just a bit too much off for me. The link sausage texture was pretty much right on. The flavor was just like a less meat-flavor and more spices. With ketchup it was perfect. =D

The corn dogs had a similar delicious outside, and just a less powerful flavor of hot dog. I found them quite pleasant and would recommend them! If you are curious about vegetarian products, I would       recommend this brand!

Out of 5 stars, I would give Morningstar corndogs a 4/5, their sausages a 4/5, and the burgers a 2/5. The burgers just need something to make them more appealing for those of us who have eaten meat before!

Sorry for the weird spacing. I guess that comes with having three images, hahahaha. Hope you liked this post! I will try to do some more product reviews in the future! By the way... I am not trying to go vegetarian or anything... just trying to eat healthier and experimenting with different options. :)

As always...
Bon app├ętit!

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