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Jun 30, 2012

My Scone Fail

Things have been a bit tense in the house lately. Clashing between mom and myself, among other things. I suppose it happens when people have two different viewpoints, but it still is frustrating. The heat has been crazy and there was an absolutely nasty thunderstorm today. The winds were over 40 mph and they claimed a few of the neighbors trees, broke a pot that held our basil, chucked our umbrella two houses down, and knocked down various other branches and items. It was nasty, but we were glad that the trees were all ok and that the trampoline didn't fly or flip. The power only flickered a few times, unlike some of the stores down the road.

Chores are still meh and my siblings always make clear that they hate their chore lists. Saturday will be a day of organizing and cleaning. If we have time, I hope to be able to do some shopping as well. Oh! Another *stupid* frustration of mine is the fact that my mom decided to obliterate the fruit in the house and dump it all into a "fruit salad" that I will not eat. She insists that it will be eaten well before it goes bad, but I somehow doubt it. I won't touch that with a ten foot pole because the melons mix with the other fruits, which makes it all taste like melon. I do not like melon. Bleh. Meh. Minor problem.

Hmmm, well I guess I should talk about these scones. The recipe is titled Vanilla Bean Oatmeal Scones. I thought "Those sound delicious! I should try out the recipe!" The appropriate title for these scones would be: Oatmeal/Whole wheat pancake-tasting bread with a powdered sugar glaze thing. Yea. Not a fan. I saved the scones in the freezer so that I can slowly eat them. If they had more vanilla bean taste then I wouldn't have problems. The whole wheat flour and the oatmeal just killed the taste of vanilla, which is a shame. I hope the whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe doesn't taste so strong...

Vanilla bean paste deliciousness
One of the scones
Try it if you are a fan of a heavily whole-wheat-tasting sort of scone. :) The recipe is here.

UPDATE: I have decided that I need to play around with this recipe. I plan to skip the glaze, but add some raisins, flax seeds, nuts, etc. Hopefully it will turn out nice and moist and delicious! :)

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